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About Latinocareerfairs.com

Recruiting qualified Bilingual Spanish speakers is amongst the toughest tasks that a recruiter may face.  We make the task easier by having Bilingual Spanish career seekers attend our events and visit our website to view our client’s job opportunities.
Connecting Bilinguals & Diversity with Employers is our mission.   As a Latino & Diversity focused job board we provide to career seekers an integrated career search platform that includes online job search tools, employer profiles that are currently hiring Latino Diversity and career fairs to meet employers in person.

You may be recruiting for an upcoming class for a contact center, call center, new store opening or even just ongoing attrition in a retail or office setting or recruiting to meet your Affirmative Action or EEO. 

We have the established career seeker pipeline and the events to help you reach your goals and deadlines in recruiting Bilinguals & Diversity.  We work with all types of businesses in all types of industries/job types including the following:
-Call Center
-Customer Service

Contact us by email or call if you have questions regarding how we may assist you at: 646.779.7479
Or by email at: register@latinocareerfairs.com